Monday, 14 November 2011

Search For the Best Breakfast

...Stopped at the Mayflower this weekend.

I've been meaning to have breakfast there for almost a year now but the line is always too long because the restaurant is tiny. By breakfast I mean hungover weekend brunch obviously. Does anyone eat out for sit down breakfast during the week? 

I always thought the place would be super cool and it could maybe be a hang out where my friends and I can frequent circa Central Perk or Mclaren's or Moe's. I can walk in there at anytime to find that at least one of my "GANG" will be chilling there, ready to neurotically dissect my anecdote of the day. 

So I finally made it in! And the inside was exactly as I had expected (maybe because you can see through the windows from the outside). I would describe it as Maritime Chic with some minor, fantastic details such as a flower in a vase at your table. It was surprisingly effing lovely.

Menus have persuaded me to diverge from the "traditional eggs breakfast" before and I always regret my choice and end up with a side of breakfast sausage to my pancakes a la mode. 

Breakfast sausages!!!

The eggs and toast were eggs and toast so I give it 5 eggs and toast/ 5 eggs and toast

Sausages tasted like regular, delicious breakfast sausages which is automatically 100/100. 

Potatoes were bland so I give it 1 Kim out of a possible Kim, Kourtney and Khlo√©. 

I've noticed foodie bloggers like to put up pictures of their receipts. So here is mine! 

Does this do anything for you? 
The price is pretty good for an Elgin Street place. But for some reason I just assumed old-timey decor meant old-timey prices. I was kind of disappointed to find out that things didn't a dollar or two.

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