Monday, 18 June 2012


Sitting on this rocking chair, watching the Bachelorette, judging. So much judging. Anyway, what is this new ABC show that looks exactly like Big Brother? Can't tell if it will be more humiliating or not. On the one hand, there seems to be some trap door that drops the eliminated contestant down to some dark hole of oblivion. That's all the hands I need to consider really.

Hashtag: Unfortunate Events

Due to a hideous lack of foresight, I had to use my brother's Axe shampoo in the shower today. When are the girls coming to attack me with sex??? OH NEVER? Cus I smell like an Asshole doused in butt juice? Probably. 

Friday, 1 June 2012

French Books

... are crazy weird. My favourite were the "Courte echelle" series where they had the black and white lines on the cover. The story lines typically look something like this:

Chapter 1-3: Nice, quiet teenage girl with a pink streak in her hair goes about her business. Everything is pleasant. Typical high school drama, maybe a description of a tall dark and handsome classmate. 
Chapter 4: Her father gets swallowed whole by a giant flaming snake. 
Chapter 5: She and her mother cry about it. Her magic sneakers takers take her to a magic land where she finds her father and rescues him.
Chapter 6: They have a BBQ pool party. 
Chapter 7: Boy asks her out to prom. 

I think my issue with these books is that there are so many random "big" things that are thrown in and never acknowledged. Where did the snake come from??? WHY? They throw in the most bizarre things as background noise. The protagonist will have curly brown hair, enjoys playing soccer, and has no teeth. Her best friend has spiky black hair, blue eyes, and his dog is a ghost. And it won't even be a fantasy novel or anything. They just go about their business going through very typical plot lines as far as "teen fiction" goes.  

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Ottawa Race Weekend

I have given up the facade that I will "go for a run" any time soon.  I hate exercise to begin with and running is probably the worst form physical activity for me. My version of "runners high" is more like laying on the ground and thinking about what a terrible mistake I have just made.

WHICH IS WHY, runners are pretty cool in my books. And if you never win a marathon in your life, at least know that I give you mad props in my heart.

I just tried to post a link of the marathon route and the site is currently down. Even the site is tired! I mentally mapped out the route in my head and had to take a nap at the 10k mark.

Check out their site at because thanks for giving me something to talk about. Everyone loves increased web traffic! 

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Nick Jonas as Marius

What the what!

Just watched all 500 parts of the Les Mis 25th anniversary concert with Nick Jonas as Mr. Marius. Totally worth it! I love how he dominates the comments section on Youtube with arguments about whether he was good or not because his last name is Jonas.

This is my favourite scene: Eponine finally gets some love from Marius but only because she got shot up. Girlfriend can't catch a break.

The whole thing is great but the tragic friend-zone song starts at 3 mins.

Are his teeth always like this? Or is he wearing some period piece teeth? Can somebody look into this for me? 

Monday, 26 December 2011


Hope Santa was good to you this year and you got all the shit you wanted!


Thursday, 22 December 2011


This is a more or less accurate description of  me this morning. I can magically breath through my my nose but I'm still all stuffed up so it probably just means my brain has swollen up in my skull right? It's times like these that I'm glad my mother is not Jenny McCarthy and I got the meningitis vaccine.

This is what happens when I have fried perogies for at least two meals a day.